The Radiant Girl organization believes in empowering girls to develop healthy relationships with themselves, others, and their community. Radiant Girls gain tools for managing stress, regulating emotions, and developing a nourishing mindset that will allow them to truly shine from within. Founded on evidence-based wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and art, we nurture healthy, passionate, and mindfully Radiant Girls through classesworkshopsretreats and other special events.

What a beautiful experience for girls to hold on to as they grow from children to young women. During a challenging period of life and change, young girls need tools to learn confidence, kindness and a sense of what is truly important. Thank you for this opportunity!
— Kim, Parent of a Radiant Girl


MissionOur mission is to empower girls to connect, trust, and nurture their true selves, utilizing highly effective wellness practices so they may confidently and compassionately navigate through life.

Vision: We aim to build a community where girls are filled with self-love and positively impact the world.


"If you are looking to empower a special girl in your life,  here is your chance to enhance her innate radiance and develop a relationship which supports her stepping into independence confidently and compassionately."

-Teagan Bruce, Author

If you are feeling like this "day and age" is harder on our youth then when we grew up, you may not be surprised to know that the average girl's self-esteem peaks at the age of 9 and slides down hill from there. Research shows our girls are faced with more complex problems today, which leaves them vulnerable to horrifying statistics such as depression, anxiety, and suicide. 

Perhaps you remember struggling through adolescence and hopefully you had a mentor or a group to keep you grounded and connected to what really mattered. Radiant Girl is here to support both you and your daughter.

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Raising Confident and Resilient Children

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We're ready to shine!

How we use wellness practices to empower

Radiant Girls to Shine from Within

Studies show that empowering girls through education and self-awareness is strongly linked to breaking down social barriers such as poverty and discrimination. Through self-discovery activities and self-love practices, Radiant Girls uncover their own uniqueness and celebrate what they have to offer the world. We discuss tough topics to bring awareness, build community, and teach conflict-management tools to cope with recurring issues. Radiant Girls become risk-takers when in a safe and supportive environment. They collaborate on projects that promotes critical-thinking, community service, and  teamwork, further gaining confidence and skills.

Yoga builds confidence and awareness

In the ancient sanskrit language, “yoga” means “union”. The meaning behind this word is infinite, but in essence, yoga brings us all together through the physical and mental practice of mindful living. For most of our Radiant Girls, yoga is a new experience that is introduced in a fun yet powerful way by our certified yoga teachers. The achievable challenge of practicing yoga ignites their self-confidence as they grow stronger and more focused, as well as compassionately connects them to the group through Yogames and partner poses. As Radiant Girls practice yoga sequences and breathing exercises they explore their awareness of their bodies, minds, emotions, and surroundings.  Research shows young adolescents practicing yoga will benefit from enhanced concentration and physical health, an improved ability to accept and express one’s feelings appropriately, and a deeper sense of empathy for others.


Mindfulness cultivates gratitude and strength

Our Radiant Girls "shine from within" as they experience social and emotional wellness.  For most girls, transitioning from childhood is complicated and we use mindfulness as a powerful tool to empower girls to stay centered. Radiant Girls learn to identify the areas in their life where they need to seek more balance and and recognize their triggers. This awareness brings light to the power each girl has in deciding how the story of her life will be written. The mindfulness practice of bringing awareness to the present moment and making conscious decisions, not reactive outbursts, has proven to have great benefits for our girls. Recent research from top universities, such as UCLA and Harvard,  show that practicing mindfulness increases academic performance and fights depression and anxiety. It also promotes positive social behavior and emotional regulation.  


Some Kind Words About our Signature 5-Day Radiant Girl Retreat

I am thrilled with the Radiant Girls Retreat! My daughter loves yoga and quality food but, until this retreat, knew so few other girls her age with these interests. We already have a play date set up with a new friend from the retreat! She is usually reserved but she came home every day excited to tell me what she’d done at camp. I’m so happy that, at this time of her life, when she is beginning to look outside the family for guidance, we’ve found mentors and other families who share our values and vision.
— Allison, Radiant Girl parent
I had a GREAT time at the retreat. I definitely took everything I learned and applied it to my life. The leaders are definitely new “roots to my tree.” I have been trying to stop saying “I can’t.” If I do I make sure to correct myself. I have learned so much from you! Thank you!”
— Karli, Radiant Girl
The Radiant Girls Retreat helped me to learn yoga which I had never done before. It also taught me to calm myself in different situations by using the techniques that I learned. The retreat gave me new friendships with other Radiant Girls and leaders. I look forward to the next Radiant Girl Retreat!
— Rylee, Radiant Girl
What a wonderful experience for my daughter! She came away with so much knowledge and skills on how to go through life with presence and confidence. The curriculum for the week was excellent and very well planned, and the teachers were amazing. Every girl should be exposed to the concepts which were taught at the retreat. We can’t wait for the next Radiant Girls Retreat!
— Sheyrl, Radiant Girl Parent

Click through our photos below to see a slideshow of our last retreat. What a blast!

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